Annual Archive CD’s

Annual Archive CD’s

Save space by shredding your paper reports each year, while still satisfying Federal Archiving Requirements.

Payco’s annual Archive CD’s contain printable copies of:

  • All payroll reports for the whole year
  • All quarterly reports (Federal, State, and Local)
  • W-2s and year-end reports

Other than satisfying the Federal archiving requirements, here are a few other benefits of our Archive CDs.

  • Easily access records for Workers Comp Audits
  • Efficiently share your payroll records with your Accountant
  • Minimize storage space
  • Quickly print copies of W2s for employees, and eliminate reprinting fees
  • More durable than paper records
  • Make copies so multiple people in your organization have accessibility to your payroll records

“I wanted to thank you for the payroll CD’s you provided to us. Our hard copy payroll records were lost in the flood and the CD’s enabled us to provide all of the information we needed for our annual worker compensation audit and the year end census work for our 401(k) plan. These CD’s are a lifesaver.”

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