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Comprehensive HR Services

Managing your workforce takes more than great technology. You also need cost-effective, time-savings services that reduce compliance risk, save you administrative hours, and lower HR-related costs. Review our selection of additional HR services below.

Extend your workforce management productivity.

HR Support… On Demand

Today the demand for real-time HR problem identification and resolution is a paramount concern for all successful enterprises, regardless of size. Owners and managers of small and mid-sized businesses need this information as critically as their big business counterparts. Unfortunately, until now, these executives could not get the needed information without hours of research or without paying an attorney.


Our cloud-based HR support solution is available 24/7, created by our team of certified HR Pros.

Email or chat

Ask our certified HR Pros as many questions as you want, via email or live chat.

Over the phone

When we say “unlimited,” we mean it. With HR On-Demand, you get the access you need.

HR Support Center

Web-based HR Support

Payco’s HR Support Center was designed to meet the needs of such organizations for low-cost access to HR information, resources and personalized assistance. Our HR Support Center places HR information, tools and experience at the fingertips of the owners and managers of small businesses. Because Payco’s HR Support Center leverages the power of the Internet to deliver HR solution and services directly to the desktop, our clients enjoy maximum flexibility and convenience on demand.

HR Support Center
HR Support by Phone

Ask an HR Pro

HR support on demand.

For our clients who want even more HR help on an ongoing and unlimited basis our Ask the Pro service provides access to HR professionals with years of experience and expertise to help clients handle any regulatory, relationship or compliance issue.


Just think, you will be able to pick up the phone and have an HR professional address your individual situation as often as needed.

Pay-as-you-go Workers’ Compensation

No longer do you have to pay estimated premiums for workers compensation insurance. With Payco’s Pay As You Go Worker’s Comp program, we calculate your actual worker’s comp expense with each payroll, and then funds are automatically debited from your account to pay the premium.

Workers Compensation


Compare your budgeted worker’s comp premiums to your actual costs with Payco’s Workers Comp Reports. Each pay period you will receive reports that break down your W/C expense for each classification code. Or, take it to the next level with our “Pay As You Go” Worker’s Comp service.

Audit Support Services

Take the anxiety out of worker’s comp audits by utilizing Payco’s Audit Support Services. When audit time comes, simply notify your account specialist of the dates and we will provide you with the rest. Auditors find our reports to be very user friendly, and easy to read, helping to reduce the time needed for the audit.

For even more stress relief we can host the audit at our office, streamlining the process even further.


Payco works with multiple agencies, ensuring you the best rate for your business.


Benefits Include

  • Virtually eliminates large audit adjustments.
  • Allows you to spread your payments out over the course of the year coinciding with your payroll cycle.
  • Payment amounts will correspond with changes in payroll for seasonal businesses.
  • Ease of accounting with less paperwork.
  • Improved cash flow management.

Simple, affordable background screening

Protect your company and clients.

Payco has partnered with National Crime Search (NCS) to provide you secure and affordable access to web-based national criminal directory with over 507 million criminal records covering 50 states plus the District of Columbia. Our partnership with NCS allows you access to the following services:

Instant National Criminal Background Searches

SSN Validation and Address Tracker

Multi-State Sex & Violent Offenders Search

Motor Vehicle Records

Employment Credit Reports

Tenant Screening

Background Screening Services

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