Marketplace & Integrations

Add-ons & Third-party Integrations

Activate additional workforce apps from within the platform Marketplace.

The Marketplace is a cloud-based portal that allows you to leverage complementary best-in-class solutions from third-party vendors — right from the solution interface. Similar to a mobile app store, the Marketplace is your resource for applications and services, including employment eligibility verification, Carrier Connect, and more.  There’s no need to download software, execute sales contracts, or deal with configuration. Simply add the solutions to your account and activate them directly from within the application. It’s the fast, easy, and hassle-free way to extend your workforce management capabilities.


Including E-Verify…

Hiring employees shouldn’t have to be such a paper-laden process. When a new hire comes on board, you have many steps to manage, which is why expediting the process where possible has great value.


Ensuring your new hires are authorized to work in the United States is a required step for compliance. With our E-Verify service, you can promptly verify authorization to work and ensure you have a legal workforce. E-Verify is an internet-based system that compares information from Form I-9 to government records to confirm that an employee is authorized to work in the U.S.

Carrier Connect…

Reduce paperwork involved in your manual benefits processes by automatically delivering enrollment and benefits data to your insurance carriers for:


  • Open enrollment
  • Life change events
  • New enrollments
  • Address changes
  • Terminations


In addition to saving time by reducing paper-based processes you can also save by reducing the likelihood of premium overpayments.

… and much more.

Carrier Connection Service

Extend the value of your most valuable data.
Choose from our list of integrated top vendors or ask about integrating with your existing tools.

Our Platform and Google Cloud

Better engage your workforce, from office to remote, through familiar G Suite apps.

Our human capital management (HCM) platform has joined forces with Google, combining the power of Google’s  cloud-based productivity suite, GSuite, with our cloud-based HCM solution.This innovative software integration will help our customers manage their workforce with familiar, intuitive Google productivity tools that make it easier for workers to create, communicate, and collaborate.

Google Calendar

Employee work schedules created on our HCM platform are automatically and instantly synced to employees’ individual Google calendars. Team members aren’t forced to wait until the schedule is physically posted to see assigned shifts. Last-minute changes are rapidly communicated, minimizing confusion.

Google Sheets

To save time, spreadsheets are seamlessly shared between our HCM platform and Sheets without the need to convert file formats. Employees can collaborate faster,avoid legacy formats, and easily view data from any device, on their own

Google Forms

Use Forms to easily capture data updates from employees and import that data directly into our HCM platform. Employees can access forms directly from an email or text link, and quickly complete needed updates on their mobile device or a desktop.

Google Maps

Enhance recruiting and hiring by letting applicants calculate potential commute times from their home to the job location. List job openings with organization-specific information on Map pins. Also, plot employee punches on a map to monitor mobile workers for potential abuse.

Note: Google Drive integration also available but not pictured above.

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