For Accountants

Partner with Payco

When your clients are using Payco for their payroll and human resources needs, you can be assured they are getting the best level of service the industry can offer. Our dedicated staff will make your clients’ payroll the absolute top priority, and guarantee accurate and timely tax deposits with each pay period. Accountants who partner with Payco receive several benefits for their practice, as well as piece of mind that their client’s payroll is being handled with the utmost care.

Copies of your clients’ quarterly and year-end payroll tax returns.

Your choice of reports via email. (encrypted for security)

Online access to all of your clients’ payroll data without having to log in separately for each client.

For firms that like to take control of their clients’ payroll, Payco also provides a Branded Solution to our services.


Using our online Evolution software you can be the single point of contact for all of your clients’ needs. Enter payroll, update employee data, even offer your clients remote access…essentially be their payroll provider. Payco will host the data, submit direct deposits, initiate tax payments, and process the quarterly / year end reports. Our Branded Solution allows you to increase your service offering without having to take on the additional load, while increasing client loyalty and retention.

Partner with a leader in workforce management.