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Do you have questions about our full-service payroll?  Get your questions answered below in our services FAQ.

*What services does Payco offer?

We specialize in Payroll Processing and related services. We offer a comprehensive solution to your payroll and HR needs ranging from Time Keeping to 401(k) integration. We have also implemented several procedures to help automate as many manual processes as possible (vacation accruals, G/L integration, etc) in order to minimize your payroll costs. It is why we have coined the phrase that Payco is “More than just Paychecks!”

How does your Tax Pay & File service work?

Each pay period we will report to you your company’s total tax liability, and will collect the appropriate funds from the account(s) you designate. When your tax payments are due, we will make those payments electronically on your behalf. We guarantee the timeliness and accuracy of your tax deposits, and also instruct our clients on how to verify those payments for peace of mind.

Does Payco file our quarterly and year-end reports?

For clients using our Tax Pay & File service, we will file all of the necessary quarterly and annual forms with the appropriate federal, state, and local agencies. At the end of each quarter, you will also receive an actual copy for your records.

Our company has unique payroll needs. Can Payco personalize our account to suit our needs?

Our system is completely flexible. Unlike most payroll companies, we don’t require your company to conform to our system. We work with you to determine your payroll needs and identify problem areas. Then we adapt our system to provide you with the best payroll solution.

Our office manager will be on vacation at the end of our pay period, can we still get our checks if he isn't here to sign them?

Our Pressure Sealed Checks come signed and ready to distribute. In special circumstances we will deliver your confidential reports in a separate, sealed envelope. This enables anyone to pass out payroll.

How can I report our hours/wages each pay period?

There are several methods available, ranging from phone, fax, email, and our online Evolution software. We also have a timekeeping system available that communicates directly with our system. You decide which system works best for you, with the freedom to change methods at any time.

How will my payroll be delivered, and when will I receive it?

We have several delivery methods available to suit your needs, depending on your location. Generally your payroll is delivered the next business day, but in some cases your payroll can even be delivered the same day as you submit your hours.

Is there a limit to the number of Direct Deposit accounts an employee can have?

No. Employees can have their paycheck deposited directly into as many bank accounts as they wish. We can make electronic deposits to any bank or credit union within the U.S.

*Does Payco offer Human Resources tools?

Our clients have access to all the tools necessary to manage your Human Resources needs including our online HR Support Center. For clients using our Evolution software, we also have an Integrated HR Module for tracking crucial employee data.

I already have a Time Keeping system in place. Do I need a new one in order to switch to Payco?

Most Timekeeping systems on the market already interface with our software, so you can use whatever system you are comfortable with. If you don’t have an existing Time & Attendance package, we have several product lines available to best fit your organization.

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