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Flexible payroll services for every payroll need.

Whether you’re a large organization in need of payroll a solution within a broader unified HCM technology suite or a small business, needing convenient, full-service payroll we have you covered. Our system features extensive earnings and deductions categories so we’re flexible enough for virtually any sized business in any industry.  Learn more about our payroll services below.

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When you partner with Payco, you’ll know that your payroll processing tasks can be as simple as picking up the phone to call your dedicated Payco Payroll Specialist. Above all, you’ll find our team is extremely flexible with a commitment to customer service that is unmatched in our industry.


Each pay period you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that your employee checks and reports from Payco arrive at your office or funds will be directly deposited in your employee’s bank account(s) to your exact specification.  We’ve invested in technology that gives you real-time reporting that you can login to right from our website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Flexible Payroll Services

Are you a small business looking for full-service payroll?
Are you a mid to large organization needing enterprise-grade HCM?
No problem. We offer both!

What Your Company Needs

What your company needs to manage payroll.

Whether you need a full-service, stand-alone payroll or full-suite HCM-enabled payroll, we have the solution.

HCM Suite (optional)

Experience payroll as part of a full HCM suite.

W-2 and Year-End Reporting

Generate your W-2s and file your W-3 information with the SSA.

Robust Reporting

More than 60 built-in standard reports, and users can also create ad hoc custom reports.

Time-off Tracking

Eliminate the manual task of tracking Vacation, Sick, Personal, or PTO balances.

See below for additional features and benefits.

Features & Benefits

Designed to give you what your company needs to manage your payroll.

Tax Pay & File

Payco’s Tax Pay & File service keeps your business compliant with the ever-changing employment tax laws. Payco will calculate, and pay all of your State, Local, and Federal employment taxes.


Payco will also file all of your Federal, State, and Local tax forms when they are due, so you don’t have to. We will then provide you or your accountant with a copy of the forms for your records.

Direct Deposit

With Payco’s Direct Deposit service you can:

  • Make deposits into any bank with a valid aba number.
  • Deposit funds into as many bank accounts as your employee wishes.
  • Have some of your employee’s pay deposited into their account(s), and the rest in a check.

Agency Checks

Eliminate the need to pay various agencies (child support, pension administrators, etc) through accounts payable, and let Payco produce payment checks for you. Payco can even incorporate employer costs, such as company contributions to a 401(k), into the payment. Combined with our Benefit Integration tools, many of these payments can be made electronically, freeing up time to run your business.

General Ledger

With Payco’s General Ledger integration you will save time by uploading your payroll information directly to your existing accounting package. We currently interface with 20 of the most commonly used systems on the market, and have generic exports for those less common applications.


Payco will map your chart of accounts in order to generate your General Ledger, and will email you or your accountant the file to import. For clients accessing their information online the process is even easier. Simply select your file in our report library for the period(s) you need, and upload.

Delivery Methods

Payco has developed multiple methods for delivering your payroll information to you. Time is of the essence, which is why we have developed methods of having your payroll information to you within the same day it is submitted.

Electronic – We are proud to be one of the few payroll processors that can deliver your payroll to you electronically. By using secure technology, your reports can be either emailed or accessed online. Your employees’ checks can then be delivered via a standard delivery method, or emailed directly to them if using our Direct Deposit service (estimated delivery 1-2 hours)

Courier – Available for those clients within our own geographic area. (estimated delivery within 5 hours)

UPS – Ground or Air delivery available (estimated delivery next day)

Mail – First class mail (estimated delivery 2-3 days)

Labor Distribution

Generally speaking, a company’s largest expense is its cost of labor. In order to effectively manage that expense it is imperative to track how much you are paying your employees for work performed across various areas of your business.


With Payco’s Labor Distribution you can split your employees’ time across an unlimited number of Divisions, Branches, Departments, or Teams. Each pay period you will receive Summary and Detailed reports giving you your true cost of labor, including the Employer tax liability for each cost center.


Payco can automatically allocate set percentages to an unlimited number of department combinations, or the number of hours worked in each can be collected through one of our Time & Attendance packages.

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Experience payroll unified within a single platform and HCM suite, including time, HR, benefits, recruiting, performance and more.

Extend your workforce solution within our Marketplace of complementary, best-in-class third-party solutions.

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